Looking Past Visual Learning to Self-Quizzing

I’m Shaams Nur, a 9th grader from Birmingham, Alabama. My goal during quarantine is to experiment with 15 study methods over the next 100 days.

Shaams Nur


Week 7 Day 6 — Visual Learning

Visual learning has been 100% more effective than auditory learning.

Although I wasn’t sure whether or not drawing out the concepts would end up being effective for me, it was actually more helpful than taking handwritten notes. The reason visual learning didn’t earn a 10/10 this week is that I know there are certain aspects of the method that can be improved upon. For example, it takes me slightly longer to draw out the concepts instead of writing out. I wonder if typing out my notes on a document would’ve been effective and raised the overall rating of visual learning.

“Visual learning has been 100% more effective than auditory learning.”

With that being said, visual learning has won the Battle of the Senses!

My final overall rating of visual learning: 9.5/10

Current study method leaderboard:

  1. Feynman Notebook Method (9.9/10)
  2. Studying in the morning (9.5/10)
  3. Visual learning (9.5/10)
  4. Studying with non-lyrical music (8.5/10)
  5. Pomodoro Technique (7.5/10)
  6. Studying late at night (6/10)
  7. Studying with lyrical music (5.5/10)
  8. Auditory learning (4.5/10)

Week 8 Day 1 — Self-Quizzing

I have a hunch that self-quizzing will be very effective for me since I’ve been doing it throughout my entire school career so far. My usual study method during the school year was using the “learn” feature on Quizlet until I fell asleep, which is essentially self-quizzing. I predict that self-quizzing will earn around a 9/10.

There are also different forms of self-quizzing which I’ll explore. I like self-quizzing because it helps me truly know whether or not I understand a given concept. I’m curious to know what your favorite study method so far has been; feel free to comment below on…



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